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Cyndi, Connecticut Little Joe Cartwright Hi Eric, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with Little Joe.
Unless he made some miracle like trip fours from his busted flush draw, or my read was bad and he did have a ten, I was set up perfectly to call any bet and check behind any check.
It was because of a long drain /grate in the driveway.Just send me 1 and only 1 lol.After purchasing this horse from you early last summer he has been a blast.Yukon XL XT loto port barcares sold! .We really love both of them. .He is doing great and the whole family is having a blast on your horses.We came home with Jewel, a gorgeous palomino. .Calm, well-mannered, and beautiful. .You gave me some pointers. .We've been through streams, up hills and Starbuck will blaze through any terrain just like you said. .
Can't wait to also start cantering on him. .
We trail ride a lot through Big South casino en ligne gratuit machine a sous 3d Fork as well as throughout the Smoky Mountains here in Tennessee and these are 3 excellent well broke trail horses that have exceptional minds!
He has made everyone fall in love with him!I wanted to drop you a note and let you know how Sadies Dream Weaver (Bud) is doing.Thank you again, Jane Weatherly- Alabama update: Eric- Here is a quick video of Blitz at his first ever competition, the state championship cowboy mounted shooting exhibition. It started getting dark and there were deer running across the trails, the other horse we were with spooked when we rode past a bunch of "horse eating frogs" that jumped all at once into the water nothing bothered Rocky a bit!He is SO funny.We thoroughly enjoy Sharky and he has become more than we anticipated.South Mountain State Park, 3001 South Mountain State Park Avenue, Connelly Springs, NC 28612.You were totally right Rio is a good match for.We would never buy another horse without it coming from you and going through your excellent training program.He has the looks, the personality and the training foundation that has made him a wonderful companion and trail horse. .For even more info about rides and information about Trail Riding in and around NC, SC and VA, subscribe to the.From day one he has exhibited such a sweet disposition and truly enjoys the company and attention of his 2 legged care takers.My sister bought her horse sight unseen from you last October, and he continues to be fantastic! .Congratulations to Laszlo from Pennsylvania!(She can't stand riding my quarter horse!) Now I have a calm, very well-trained and very smooth horse that I can ride with my daughter! .