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What does pokemon hp mean

what does pokemon hp mean

In, pokémon Conquest, all status conditions disappear after battle.
Mitsuhiro Arita, illustrator, Pokémon Trading Card Game: The idea for this one came from the concept of two pro wrestlers crossing arms side by side, so I used Venusaur's vine as if it were an arm to have it cross arms with Celebi.In the XY series, the Pokémon's eyes become sunken or glassy, and it will begin thrashing around, attacking itself or its allies in Double Battles.Generation VI A bound Pokémon now takes damage equal to 1/8 of its maximum HP each regle poker suite couleur turn, instead of 1/16; if the user of the binding move held a Binding Band, the bound Pokémon takes damage equal to 1/6 of its maximum HP instead.In Generation I, Pokémon cannot be paralyzed by damaging moves of the same type as themselves.Pokémon that have used Dive dive underwater, and can be hit by Surf and Whirlpool.Generation V All binding moves now last 4-5 turns unless a Grip Claw is held, which causes the moves to last 7 turns.Since they aren't shown in battle as a status condition (having an icon) a Pokémon can be affected with multiple volatile battle statuses, volatile conditions and a non-volatile condition at the same time.Pokémon cannot be frozen in harsh sunlight.Mitsuhiro Arita, illustrator, Pokémon Trading Card Game: The difference in size between these two Pokémon is actually much larger than I think most people would guess.In Triple Battles, the center of attention will draw the attacks of all opponents in the field, but it can only draw attacks from non-adjacent opponents if they use a move which is able to strike non-adjacent targets.If a Pokémon afflicted with Leech Seed uses Baton Pass, Leech Seed is transferred to its replacement, even if it is Grass-type.
GX attack makes it easy to replenish and attack again.Gengar Mimikyu were paired more to match that new gameplay concept than anything else.Gengar Mimikyu- GX Halloween may have come and gone, but that's not stopping Gengar and Mimikyu from continuing to get their creep.The sleeping Pokémon loses of its maximum hit points every turn.With enormous HP and huge attacks, these Pokémon duos are ready to go the distance in any big battle.

The team's Pollen Hazard attack doesn't cause a ton of damage on its own, but leaving your opponent's Active Pokémon Burned, Confused, and Poisoned can lead to some serious ongoing damage.
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