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To poke someone slang

to poke someone slang

A hard poke would hurt, but it would not be fatal.
"I was poking along, my vision blocked bythat curtain of sleet".
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The only way that could happen is if they Had a Hernia in their belly button and you ruptured.It means to buy (receive or obtain) something unknown jeux lego duplo zoo en ligne because its true identity is concealed.It can slso mean something in a sexual manor, as to insert ones fingers into the vagina, hehe I love this feature on face book.If a boy pokes you, it usually means that he likes you.All of this could be because he likes some part of her personality or find her attractive.Just a fun feature.Be sure to poke them back."Poke from the French poche, means a bag.There wasn't a pig in this sack!" He might say "Well.It just means that the person used the "Poke" app to send a (very short) message to you.
In which case YOU will get a message saying "So-and-so poked you".
"leave the cable poking out ".
A way to get the attention on someone (usually someone who you have not talked to for a while).As an action it means to push them with one finger, usually on the shoulder.This website uses cookies that provide targeted advertising and which track your use of this website.Well, to be blunt, it means he wants to have passionate sex with you because he finds you attractive."I poked my head around the door to see what wasgoing on".To meuble tv haut sur roulettes perform the process of sending a poke.But there was one in there when I gave it to you!" You had bought a pig in a poke!It can be a sign that he likes you, or even wanting to kiss you.To poke someone is just something play to do to someone."Some" Boy will poke you if your layed next to them or even sat with them will poke you for your attention.Poking also means to rummage through things or to get into someone else's business.He wants you to have his babies.So my option would.A look or search around a place.Poke-oke is a fantastic idea, which can be used many aspects of life.