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1982 Cassie Company First and only season.
That's Life Second and final season.This was followed by its original series in 2007 (which had aired during the two hours preceding the designated "Death Slot" period since then, Disney Channel has been successful with its original programming on that night (which have included popular series such as Hannah Montana.A b Emily Nussbaum.The WB edit Years aired Series Seasons lasted before cancellation Popular Second and final season.Critics praised Fox for taking the risk and profit lost on the show to het casino in middelkerke satisfy the creators' desires and fans' requests to complete the show's primary story.Inside Joke - a joke referring to information only a select group of people have.Boston Public 15 Moved to Friday at the beginning of its fourth and final season.Annual telecasts of the movie The Wizard of Oz were aired by CBS on Friday nights beginning in 1979 with success after many years of Sunday evening airings.
After fans deluged NBC with a mail-in protest, producer Gene Roddenberry stated that he was promised the same 8:309:30 time slot for Season 3, but airing on Monday instead of Friday.
Joke File - jokes organized and stored on index cards or in a computer.
The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour Last thirteen episodes.JAG Tenth and final season (2004).Rip Into or Ripping - to attack, insult, or verbally tear into an audience member or comic who has heckled or otherwise deserves the abuse.Cartoon Network's success on this night began in 1999 with the launch of Cartoon Cartoon Fridays (later known as simply Fridays a two-hour block of original animated series during primetime that included hit series such as Dexter's Laboratory, The Powerpuff Girls, Cow Chicken, Johnny Bravo.This "encore slot" was made a permanent part of the schedule for the 201415 season.Was first broadcast on UPN on Thursdays to compete with WCW Thunder (eventually forcing Thunder to Wednesdays because of high ratings for SmackDown!, before a majority of the assets belonging to WCW were ultimately purchased by Vince McMahon in 2001).Double up - Doing two gigs in one night Die - A comedy gig get no laughs that night.Malibu Country First and only season.Nevertheless, this effort failed, and only Bob was renewed for the season, only to end in December 1993.Midnight Caller Third and final season Dear John Fourth and final season Third Watch Moved from Mondays to Fridays starting with the fifth episode of its fifth season, and ended its run after its sixth season Boomtown Second and final season 2003 Miss Match Cancelled.UPN moved the show to Friday nights in the United States on September 9, 2005, because of low ratings in its original Thursday night slot, and the show retained its Friday night time slot after moving to The CW in September 2006.Booker - a person who hires and/or pays comedians to work in nightclubs.Two minutes can be forgiven, five minutes is on the unprofessional sideten minutes or more is basically worse than touching kids.Cosby Moved to Friday midway through its fourth and final season.

Verification needed Zap2It: November 3, 2007 Friday Night 'Numb3rs' Favor CBS.
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Stage Time - the duration, in minutes, a comedian spends in front of an audience making them laugh.