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Just when you think Pokemon can't get more toxic, it does and here is where we are now.
NEW shiny POKÉMON hype!In today's video I cover what happened with large Poketuber, King Nappy along with several other Poketubers.The December Community Day will run from November 30, 1pm PST to December 2, 11pm PST.Did you evolve your shiny Salamence with special charge move Outrage?POKÉMON GO community DAY - draby shiny!Hier a eu lieu le Pokémon Go Community Day Draby!On top of this all the featured moves from the previous community days will also be available!Pokemon Go Community Day December Date.I evolved lots of Outrage Salamence and caught a handful of shiny Pokémon, plus I finally.The times and dates for the special bonus in each region are as follows: Europe, Middle East, Africa and India regions will run from December 1, 10am UTC to 1pm UTC.
Pokémon Community Status April 2019, alot has happened in the last week and I feel like someone needs to piece it all together.Furthermore, there will be special bonuses available for a three hour allotted time slot in each region.That's right poker club 68 Charmander, we all want a shiny Charizard.Today we hunt Pokémon GO Community Day with aDrive and the Twitchcon Berlin fam!Pokemon Twitter page for more information.Un petit raid Pokémon GO Giratina également!MY most insane community DAY!Dratini - Draco Meteor, chikorita - Frenzy Plant, cyndaquil - Blast Burn.This big event would be the previous 11 Community Days being repeated over 11 days in December.However, it does lose the Pokemon Go community day feel.The exception to this is Pikachu who will already know the surf attack.The Pokemon Go Community Day for December starts today!This adventure includes my first ever Lucky Shiny Pokémon, a 100 IV Lucky Salamence, Shiny Bagon catches.So about the whole King Nappy Pedophilia drama.

As eluded to above, these Pokemon will be available for the entire weekend!
In the meantime follow our.
This special end of year celebration gives trainers the opportunity to go back and find missed Pokemon from previous community days.