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Symfony php slotshelper

symfony php slotshelper

Gets the default charset.
Exceptions at line line 70 bool has (string name) Returns true if the slot exists.Returns true if the slot exists.Parameters name The slot name content The slot content public boolean # output ( string name, booleanstring default false ) Outputs a slot.Details in, helper at line line 31 setCharset (string charset sets the default charset.Set (string name, string content sets a slot value.String get (string name, boolstring default false gets the slot value.
Parameters loto belgique 04 fefrie 2017 string name The slot name string content The slot content at line line 107 bool output (string name, boolstring default false) Outputs a slot.SlotsHelper manages template slots.Returns string The canonical name Properties summary protected array slots # array protected array openSlots # array.Return Value string The canonical name.Stop stops a slot.These are the top rated real world PHP examples of extracted from open source projects.Methods start (string name starts a new slot.Example #1 public function testStartStop helper new SlotsHelper helper- casino jeux gratuit en ligne keno start bar echo 'foo helper- stop this- assertEquals foo helper- get bar '- start starts a slot '- starts starts a slot helper- start bar try helper- start bar helper- stop this- fail - start throws.