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Slot it tire compounds

An interactive online tool to select the right Quick Slicks tires for a particular car/wheel.
For automatic pokemon go plus the racer's protection, please re-submit the body in question to technical inspection immediately if significant modifications are casino shop rue de la madeleine made.We now offer a wide variety of tires for your needs, which are compatible with a wide variety of wheels.Please refer to the table above for weight requirements.ESC: Kyosho AM AD ASF VE, vE Pro MR03S RWD and EVO, PN DSM2 board 500803A) and PN 16A ESC 500807).64 Pitch 10 Pinion (Parts 416410WC) / 53T Spur Gear (MR2953WC) ESC: open Battery: 3500kv motor allowed to use any battery maximum.kv motor and 50T Spec Motor only Nimh Battery x 4pcs.Quick Slicks Tires - Features, all the features of the silicone Quick Slicks tires.F1 Pro-Stock Class Chassis: Kyosho Mini-Z F1 MF01 and MF015 only.In the event that the PN Racing official does not catch a violation, the car will still be considered illegal and the racer will be subject to any consequences of running an illegal car.And so on, scoring one point less for each driver down to last qualifying position.Total vehicle weight must fall within the guidelines of this document.Drivers will purchase the Spec 50T motor 113250 the driver has registered for.
If the same vehicle moves second time, it will be moved back the length of the grid from its original starting position.
Paul Gage is carried by many major slot car dealers.
The following non-comprehensive list of body modifications are allowed: The rear bumper may be removed up to Maximum 20mm from the ground.A simple and graphic reference chart that will help you choose the perfect Paul Gage tires.After each race Cars and radios from each race must be put on the post-race tech table for any post-race inspection that is required.Race Class 2WD Stock, roulette de porte coulissante d'armoire GT Super Stock, LeMans Super Stock, F1 Pro-Stock, 2WD Modified, AWD Modified and Pan Car Modified.AWD modified Class no weight limit, Body must be original form the Lexan body set.Additional battery for transponder allowed.Body: Kyosho Mini-Z LeMans body only, full windshield and window must be installed, except for clearance, Lexan window allowed.Maximum rear wheel width is 11mm.Wheel: All brand Plastic and Aluminum rims are allowed.No tire insert use.Paul Gage Tires - Understanding Tire Models.The technical inspector has final authority in the judgment of body modification legality.

The two most popular tire compounds are silicone urethane.
Qualifying, there will be Pre-Qualify plus three qualifying runs for each class.
And the two most popular brands of these tires are listed here.