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Silent bingo game

This bingo game can be used to review long A, long I, and long O as in cake, hide, rope.
Long Vowel Bossy E Bingo Vocabulary List: bake, bike, bite, bone, cage, cake, came, cave, cone, dive, face, five, game, gate, hide, hike, hole, home, hope, hose, kite, lake, like, line, make, mice, nice, nine, nose, note, poke, rice, rope, rose, same, take, tape, vine.
This pdf file includes 30 Bingo game boards in two sizes using a 48 word vocabulary set.Related Posts, malia Hollowell, founder at, playdough to Plato.Teachers affectionately refer to these silent sound changers as Magic Es or Bossy.I printed off the color bingo sheets and calling cards on cardstock to give them extra durability.Then I drew a card from the top card in the stack, read it out loud, and all of the players who had that word on their board covered it with a marker.Click the blue download button below to snag your set and then hop over and grab our popular.
This is a challenging and fun Bingo game for kids learning jeu roulette casino zahlen silent 'e' plus ee-ea-ey words.Looking for more Silent e practice?If your students are working on those tricky Magic E words, this Bingo game is a must!Activity for ages 5.The Magic E Rule, when the letter E is written at the end of a word, it usually changes the sound that the middle vowel makes.Print silent e bingo cards using the Bingo Card Template now.I pulled out our bin of yellow tokens for kids to use as cover ups for words but so many things would work: mini- erasers, pennies, buttons really the sky is the limit.CVC3 Word Charts - 80 Word Set.