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Pork chop sandwich zz top

pork chop sandwich zz top

Damn how I wish I could really do good diary, make everything count, make it a journey and make it breathe, be interesting.
Confidential" and the reason I do is cuz I always avoided it cuz I love james ellroy much, the man who code super loto 14 juillet 2018 wrote the book the film is supposedly from."your pretty face is going to hell" is next and w/the band like a fist, crimony.The town is right across the tarn which is the big river around here and we're on the opposite shore.Ig's a human man, have some comment gagner au loto quebec respect.There's a film I see, "l.a.Gig day and I shovel some toast, tomato and beans w/the crew guys.James starts up "the passenger" real smooth but still I'm glad ig counts me in and I think this is the best I've ever done w/this tune, james looking over and smiling even - thank you, james!Ig tells the folks a little about where "open up and bleed" comes from and then we bring it, me and larry doing the whup-it-up part at the end w/ig coming back out w/the cheetah coat on and checking out our freakout 'til james gives.Just Fitz." "And it fits you admirably said Jamon de la Rocasnote he's one to talk; for whatever reason, his name means "ham of the rocks", "I have no doubt." For a moment everybody gazed up in the air and whistled, avoiding each others eyes.
Must've be a wedding here, huh?I am but get to it and hang on, I don't puke.And getting to konk on my own deck after casino de jeux 5 au 9 juin 2013 - even more!I wonder what's up?I got the same kind of amps I've had the last two gigs, two stacks of svt.I pray and try to relax the most I can and somehow the fingers still work."penetration" is right up and thank god the fingers are working the fretboard - don't know why this happened.Ig thanks the crowd w/some french as james' guitar rings out "gun" and first larry and then my bass are in, good crowd w/much spirit for a new one I don't know how many people could've heard it before."search and destroy" immediately from him once w/stomp down ".right" w/larry on a rented ludwig kit but great he brought his own masshoff snare.

But man, no cramps, no fucking cramps and I soaked my outfit down to the socks and chonies!
Max - this cat is deep, respect!