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Poke nose into meaning

poke nose into meaning

E.g."I've been boning up on my highway code - my driving exam is next week." Orig.
The time one feels is most appropriate for some alcoholic refreshment, such as beer.Used as an intensifier in denials such as 'did I buggery!' medaille argent loterie nationale or 'like buggery she did'.An exclamation of annoyance, disbelief or disagreement.Incapacitated by drink or drugs.From the phrase, 'cold enough to freeze the balls off a parking pres casino de paris brass monkey'.A failed parachute or other material based airfoil, such as a hang glider.See 'boracic' brass monkeys Adj.U.S./Black bootylicious * Adj.Early 1700s belly-up Adj.Homosexual, as opposed to 'straight'.A contemptible person, an idiot.
Bin off * Verb.
E.g."That bloody idiot needs a good thumping." Adv.Another variation is Backo.Also spelt Betty Swallocks and Betty Swollocks.An objectionable person, an idiot.To vomit, probably onomatapoeic in origin.To explode with fury.A very thin or emaciated person or animal.Beginning a phrase will mean 'there's no way such as "bugger if I'm going to volunteer when it'll mean missing the party".