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Magic pokemon yu gi oh

Magic always seemed to surprise me with the things my friends and I could find to use against each other.
Pokemon trading cards was just ridiculous.Reply With", 01:42 AM #13 Been playing MGT for about 6 months now.Pokemon has that on lock lol.They've flooded the market with those cards so much that none of them are worth jack spit, so you'd be able to make 'ultimate' decks for very little investment.And I'm so glad I did.Reply With", 01:25 AM #3, yugioh for me all these years since its a balance of how the cards look and how you play and i Barley see any people playing pokemon TBH.Yu-gi-oh is where it's at son.Magic has a far more comprehensive rules set which goes a long way when trying to enjoy a game that's as expansive as Magic.Reply With", 02:09 AM #17 Originally Posted by Evilmaniac is it sad that i know that by heart despite not seeing it for over 13 years XD Sad?Update: Reborn has been flirting with only being limited (one per deck time will tell where it ultimately ends up).Reply With", 02:08 AM #16 Originally Posted by Yakobo15 MtG for playing a card game.
I flaunt it over everyone.
There's no cost, no disadvantage, no sacrifice.
I bought a fat pack and a deckbuilder's toolkit to get started and play with my friends.For a card game, it was pretty horrid and confusing as a kid so I didn't get into.MtG is pretty much the table top monster card game.Reply With", 01:29 AM #7, yugioh was great fun but it went downhill.But a long shot with Yugioh being a very distant 2nd.It's far more complex than yu-gi-oh and imo more fun and far more strategy goes into it rather than yugioh where you blitz for your best monsters and rape face in like 4 turns and ofc it's a more mature (lol) card game.Reply With", 01:31 AM #9, yu-Gi-Oh would be the cheapest possible investment.Reply With", 04:48 AM #19 Magic: The Gathering, easy.Shallow is the word I'm looking for.The members of Lamss and their result lotto monday new friends must fight strong opponents to win the tournament so Lamss can return to their home world.Magic is way older.If your opponent spends time summoning a Monster that requires three monster sacrifices, but you destroy it, you could use this card to summon it again for free!Pokemon card game is just not worth mentioning compared to either Magic or Yugioh.