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Lotto 6 japan past result

lotto 6 japan past result

You will find winning odds table on the right.
When five main numbers bonus number are hitted, the odds are 1 in 1,016,076.
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On the left picture: Japan Loto 6 blank coupon play-slip, used by Loto 6 lotto fans, when they play this lotto locally.In the past, like in the most countries around the World, only citizents who are living in Japan, where allowed to buy any lottery tickets, available in Japan.Japan Loto 6 lottery results, please check the latest, japan Lotto 6 mizuho results, at the beginning of this page.Latest Lottery Results, japan's Loto 6 is not the only one pokerbeta 15 lotto game available on the Earth.Please visit: Buy lottery tickets online.Bonus 26 Feb 11, 2019 (Mon) Bonus 36 Feb 07, 2019 (Thu) Bonus 22 Feb 04, 2019 (Mon) Bonus 05.Where to play Japan Loto 6 If you live sushi geant casino frejus in Japan, you may walk away from your home and visit one of the Japan Lottery tickets booth.

Bonus 1371 4,5,6,7,24,22,24,30,40,15,25,32,41,11,17,20,34,8,11,14,22,15,17,29,31,7,14,20,31,13,14,16,25,5,23,36,37,16,19,28,36,4,12,18,28,9,10,16,17,8,14,18,25,15,23,27,29,3,8,15,19,6,10,16,24,15,27,29,34,25,27,28,32,11,12,19,21,6,9,15,19,14,18,22,28,8,9,10,20,16,19,32,34,2,14,19,21,10,11,18,36,10,22,27,38,15,26,27,29,16,20,28,37,8,10,12,19,4,9,16,23,12,15,16,26,15,18,20,26,10,15,33,34,6,23,25,30,6,21,28,29,5,11,19,31,16,19,34,35,2,7,14,29,9,15,22,26,15,18,22,33,14,30,31,38,19,24,32,36,15,18,22,37,9,23,32,37,3,13,22,23,3,9,12,30,18,23,26,33,7,8,17,25,6,10,24,29,3,13,28,32,37.