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Loto proceedures

Lockout-tagout (loto) or lock and tag is a safety procedure used in industry and research settings to ensure that dangerous machines are properly shut off and not able to be started up again prior to the completion of maintenance or repair work.
When multiple areas are being worked on simultaneously, the worker must use as many of locks as necessary to secure power from the system.
Chapter 4; Energy Assessment Forms and lototo Procedure Forms Safety Person, authorized employees and Area supervisors will complete an Energy Assessment Form (Appendix A) for every machine and all equipment located throughout Company Name.
Area Supervisors will work with the Safety Person to determine the appropriate devices cloisons mobiles sur roulettes needed for all equipment within each area.Unique Safety Products underlines that this document does not give guarantee for 100 compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.3.1.2 Safety Person will be responsible for the exchange of lototo procedures with outside dmc jackpot gif contractors and provide appropriate training of outside contractor's procedures to Company Name's employees.These employees should be instructed about lototo in such a way that they would never try to start machinery or equipment on which lockout and / or tagout devices are installed.Where a tag cannot be affixed directly to the energy comment gagner des points de competence club pro isolating device, the tag shall be located as close as safely possible to the device, in a position that will be immediately obvious to anyone attempting to operate the device.What Equipment Needs a Procedure?
Chapter 12; lototo procedure review.1 review.2 documentation OF review, appendices, appendix A: energy assessment form.
In addition there are a few examples that should be specifically mentioned.
10.1.1 A multi-lock accepting device will be place on the energy isolating device by the lead authorized employee.This prevents accidental startup of a machine while it is in a hazardous state or while a worker is in direct contact with.Before the authorized or affected employee turns off the machine or equipment, the authorized employee shall have knowledge of the type and magnitude of the energy, the hazards of the energy to be controlled, and the method or means to control the energy.Components of a Lockout/Tagout Procedure.United States Department of Labor: Occupational Safety and Health Administration.5.4.3 Tagout devices, where used, shall be affixed in such a manner as will clearly indicate that the operation or movement of energy isolating devices from the "safe" or "off" position is prohibited.Citation needed The standard does not cover electrical hazards from work on, near, or with conductors or equipment in electric utilization (premise wiring) installations, which are outlined by 29 CFR Part 1910 Subpart.Chapter 9; Testing or Positioning of Machines, Equipment or Components.1 Procedures for testing or positioning of machines, equipment or components In situations where lockout or tagout devices must be temporarily removed from the energy isolating device and the machine or equipment energized to test.Safety Person, Appropriate Department and an authorized employee (not directly involved in the utilization of the energy control procedure being inspected) will perform the periodic inspection.Area supervisors will provide locks and appropriate lockout devices to authorized employees.3.3 Authorized employees Authorized employees will receive necessary training from Safety Person and implement procedures outlined in this policy when lototo is necessary.Chapter 10; group-lototo.1 procedures FOR group-lototo, chapter 11; shift OR personnel changes.6.7.4 Tags and their means of attachment must be made of materials which will withstand the environmental conditions encountered in the workplace.9.1.1 Clear the machine or equipment of tools and materials.All workers in the area must be alerted that the power will be turned.

5.5.1 If there is a possibility of re-accumulation of stored energy to a hazardous level, verification of isolation shall be continued until the servicing or maintenance is completed, or until the possibility of such accumulation no longer exists.
To expand the number of available holes, the lockout device is secured with a folding scissors clamp that has many pairs of padlock holes capable of keeping it closed.
Including an appropriate set of actions (and facilities) to turn the power back on without creating a potential hazard for other employees.