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V12:2-43-51 (Spring 1968) PDF 486.2KB* Schweitzer, Nicholas, "Bayesian Analysis for Intelligence: Some Focus on the Middle East", Stud.
Government intervention and a snap election have defused, but not settled, a crisis that goes to the essence of Spanish democracy.
V3:4-73-80 (Fall 1959) PDF 415KB* Flynn, Richard, "Estimating Soviet Gold Production", Stud."A Definition of Intelligence" by Martin."What To Do When Traditional Models Fail" by Carmen.V38:5-17-26 (1995) PDF 764.1KB* Alexander, John.Rothenberg, Herbert., "Identifying the Future Threat", Stud.V2:2-75-79 (Spring 1958) PDF 286KB* "Re-examining Our Perceptions on Vietnam" by Anthony Marc Lewis, Stud.V48:1-11-25 (2004) PDF 766.4KB* Briefly reviews post-cold war intelligence reforms in the US and in northern Europe as a prelude to considering the course of intelligence reform that has occurred in Eastern Europe since the fall of communism.The excitement of the Missile Crisis (October 1962).Donovan and the National Security" by Allen.
Nance, William., "Quality elint", Stud.
V13:2-3-10 (Spring 1969) PDF 384.7KB* CIA's first press conference, on the Soviet economic slowdown (1964 was capped by speculation on the Agency's motives, not by commenting on the economic analysis, so subsequent news releases on the Soviet economy were attributed to the State Department.
Amory, Robert., "John Andre: Case Officer", Stud.Soohoo, Edmund., "An Elint Vigil, Unmanned", Stud."A Dim View of Women by Chef de Renseignements, Stud.Howland, Richard Cabot, "The Lessons of the September 30 Affair", Stud.V6:2-19-26 (Spring 1962) PDF 405KB* An economic analyst reveals a breakthrough in estimating loto lutrija srbije closely-held Soviet military production figures from statistical analysis of open source reports (1962).V37:5-63-70 (1994) PDF.2MB* Top of page Nabbie, Eustace., "The Alamo Scouts", pokerstar api Stud.Description of various types of operations -.e., nets and singletons - including techniques and equipment used, and the make up or characteristics of a "good" operator.V13:1-69-78 (Winter 1969) PDF 463.7KB* Hedley, John.A., "Intelligence as a Science", Stud.V4:1-21-27 (Winter 1960) PDF 416KB* Ahern, Charles., "The Yo-Yo Story", Stud.V10:4-45-57 (Fall 1966) PDF 666.9KB* GRU training for overseas assignments at the Military-Diplomatic Academy lasts from 2 to 4 years.V2:1-65-70 (Winter 1958) PDF 292KB* Tidwell, William., "A New Kind of Air Targeting", Stud."Target: CIA" by Lester Hajek, Stud.V9:2-25-41 (Spring 1965) PDF 793.8KB* Czarist Russia's use of female agents for espionage, including infiltration of revolutionary groups.

" 'Truth' Drugs in Interrogation George Bimmerle, Stud.
"Failing to Keep Up With the Information Revolution" by Bruce Berkowitz, Stud.