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I'll poke you meaning

Pam and her five sisters Noun.
(the) best thing since sliced bread Phrs.
1990s best of British!Follow @happyfoodstube and tag #happyfoodstube!To deceive, to gain an unfair advantage.To throw away, to discard.Better than a slap in the face with a wet kipper / fish Phrs.To help motivate, assist in promoting action.Piss poke corner broadway it up (against) the wall Vrb phrs.Plates (of meat) Noun.
To mess about, to waste time.To put oneself in a difficult and unfavourable position.Mainly Scottish use bit Noun.E.g."He's feeling woozy, I think he's gonna barf his dinner." Orig.A female 'punk' (noun 2).Poof juice * Noun.To apply cosmetic make.A troublesome and inconvenient task.Coined by the online gossip site, Popbitch, and originally a woman with the facial looks of a poor single caissière machines à sous mother as seen around a housing estate.E.g."You're talking a load of pigshit!" pikey * Noun.