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Ielts trends bingo

ielts trends bingo

Example: How to Identify Increasing Trends in ielts Task-1?
To 1996 there was a drop in expenditure.7.
In our case, the overview may look as follows: Overall, Sweden experienced a downward trend, while Finland showed an loto 9 aout 2017 fdj upward trend throughout the period.
Describing Graph Trends, language of Change, this exercise introduces some common vocabulary and grammar needed for describing graph trends.The following verbs can be used to describe a trend or pattern that goes.Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions Site Map Last Updated.Expenditure on Education in Hong Kong 1995 to 1998 Breakdown of spending Total expenditure ( million) 33,611 39,165 45,315 As of government budget.6.2 spent on primary education secondary education tertiary education. Describing Graph.Subscribe for free ielts lessons, in this lesson were going to learn how to tackle bar charts in, ielts Writing task 1 questions to get the highest score.Company profits decreased in 2013.To make major trends easier to notice, you can outline Swedens bars and Finlands bars like this: Now its obvious that: Sweden experienced a downward trend, finland experienced an upward trend both countries showed fluctuations, initially Finland had a lower rate, but in 2015 Finland.The introduction is 1 or 2 sentences, where you paraphrase the information from your question.Ielts bar chart answering strategy :.Noun : a decrease.7 a decrease in spending.7, from 1995 to 1996 there was a decrease in expenditure.7.
Practice Have a look at the table below.There are many different topics and levels.You will need to describe trends, compare and contrast data or report statistical information.See our full lesson about ielts Academic Writing Task 1 - Describing Trends - Vocabulary Word Order If you found this English Vocabulary about Describing Trends in Academic Writing Task 1 useful, let others know about it: Vocabulary Notes A variety of different English vocabulary.Remember though this example has only used a few of the words possible for describing change.The second paragraph of your answer is a general overview, where you briefly describe major trends on your graph.The provides about the percentages of divorces in Finland and Sweden between 20, Sweden experienced a downward trend, while Finland showed an trend throughout the period.Ielts bar chart question.Drop verb : to drop, is dropping, has dropped, dropped Expenditure on primary education dropped from.2.Verbs to describe an upward trend.'Spending rose in all three years an ing' form can be used to describe numbers and dates.In 1997-8 tertiary spending as a percent of the education budget (9 to its 1995-6 level.Although Finland initially had a lower rate, it Sweden at the end of the period.However, the figure showed a gradual decrease to about 47 in 2013, and continued to decline steadily to the end of the period, reaching around 45 in 2014 and hitting a low-point of about 37 in 2015.

In our case, the specific details may look as follows: Swedens divorce rate was about 45 in 2011, being higher than Finlands rate by approximately.
In ielts Academic Writing Task 1 you will be tested on your ability to describe and interpret information presented in a graph, table, chart or diagram.
They usually come after a verb.