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You now already know I did not get my 30 day pass out of Basic Training.
Each slick (chopper) would take six of us, as you might conclude by our six-man groupings.
Having survived the wreck, in due time I was returned to California and temporarily placed under the guardianship of my grandmother, re the following from the source so cited: "There I was, a young boy barely even closing down on six or seven years.After a couple decades of being bundled up, many start to wonder if there is another way to spend the holidays.The AF Sergant that was in charge had the new bills.Reissued with a new series that looked differently.It was very unusual to have Vietnamese civilians actually living on an American base in Vietnam.When I was attending the.S.It was operated by Continental Airlines, and was a military charter flight arranged by macv (Military Assistance Command Vietnam).Typical GI under ground bunker.
Often, the difference between a crowded local bus and an AC minibus is only 10-20, so it pays to consider all of the options.He said he was going to go down there as soon as they opened the gates and give one of those new 20's to momma san, and watch the look on her face when she sees the new money.Package deals to Cancún are very popular, and probably the best deal for those who book early.Soil because as I have stated elsewhere I went to Santa Barbara with both of my real parents sometime in 1943.Time travel mythology THE mahabharata: india, circa 400BC THE time pill paradox (please click image) click here FOR enlightenment ON THE razor'S edge E-mail THE wanderling (please click) SO, DID THE wanderling FLY?US greenbacks and coins were illegal in Vietnam, and I never saw them used there.Over five hundred Viet Cong surrendered during the operation, many as a result of the Psychological Operations but most because the continued presence of allied troops gave them no choice when they became hungry, wet, and out of supplies and support.There were also opportunities to take an "In-Country".Captain Carl Kizer was my CO when I was in HHC.Army personnel put on the ground in Laos and, because of which, following a series of extenuating circumstances, all or most circulating around the ill-defined group, a few select members of those already selective groups were appropriated for other duties.Click below for a more current peek) Go (Return) to DunlapSite Home Page.It was brand new and replaced casier a roulette the old tents that had been used until just before I got there.In my case, we had more allocations than we had soldiers to use them, so you could get one or more if you played your cards right with the powers that were.

Don't know if that ever got "tested though.
She was so hot.