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Selected Reserve Guidebook The Gouge, welcome to the bingo woorden maken Selected Reserve (selres) Guidebook.
Reporting : Members under orders are directed to report to the Commanding Officer of the designated command and to get their orders endorsed.
Alterations and tailoring of uniforms is accomplished within 30 days of the fitting.Enlisted and Officer Programs : For more information, visit the Web site at m (Select Opportunities ; then, select Enlisted Opportunities or Officer Opportunities.).We call it the gouge because it highlights the key points that will assist you in being successful as a Naval Reservist.Readiness Management Periods (RMP Additional paid drills used to support day-to-day unit operation and accomplish unit administration, training preparation, support activities, and maintenance functions.Reference ml to determine rates.A specific date and time to report is provided.Userra protects the re-employment rights of Naval Reservists if they leave a permanent civilian occupation whether federal, private, or public.Inactive Duty Points : Individuals earn one point for each authorized drill (typically a four hour period) attended in either pay or non-pay status.
ID card : All selres are issued a military identification ou se trouve les cash gagnants card (ID card).Government Travel Charge Card : See Supply section.Per diem rates can be found.Phase II training will be conducted on subsequent drill weekends and will provide the required prerequisite training in order to prepare the member for attendance at npsac.Injuries during AT/ADT/idtt/IDT : While on AT/ADT/idtt, you are entitled to medical care.

Mil (From the menu on the left of the Web page, click on bupers On-Line.
Contact your local Reserve Security Clerk for further information.
Unit COs must endorse the form and forward it to the NRA for processing.