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Finger prick blood test iron

This little creature is small enough to fit on a finger tip, but one frog batrachotoxin enough to kill about two dozen people, or a pair of elephants.
Batrachotoxin, fortunately for most of us, the chances of coming into contact with batrachotoxin extremely small.
The fact that it does not machine a sous free zouk hurt, means that people may be exposed to grave danger, without even realizing.He was found by accident in 1952 when a chemical test organophosphates, and soon was discovered and its danger.Below are the ten most insidious poisons in the world, some of which are exotic, others - common.It penetrates through the skin into the bloodstream where reacts with the calcium in the body.Fortunately, the draw hand did not tremble, and VX was never used in combat.Hydrofluoric acid, a solution of hydrogen fluoride in water, hydrofluoric acid, are used in several industries such as steel and even in the manufacture of ptfe.Those who come into contact with him, say that it smells sweet almonds.Frogs do not themselves produce the poison, it is created from the food that they eat, most likely kind of tiny beetles.
In most states, the United States had banned the use of the gas chamber, as too inhumane measure.
There are acids, which are much more powerful than hydrofluoric, but few of them are dangerous to humans.The substance works by stopping the production of the enzyme in the nerves, resulting in constant activity occurs "storm" in the nervous system that quickly overwhelms the body.But the truth is that death is all around us, in the neat bottles under the kitchen sink, in our drinking water and our blood.Cyanide kills by binding to the iron in our blood cells, taking away their ability to carry oxygen throughout the body.When exposed to human flesh, it did not initially brings pain.One of the most powerful neurotoxin in the world, it is the skin of tiny poisonous frogs drotikovyh.

Some scientists even believe that he may have been one of the chemicals responsible for life on earth.