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Steckplatz für Baugruppe.Vt LT; -tt- GT; to slot sth into sth etw in etw akk hineinstecken III.Arts, casino de saint gilles les bains entertainment, and media edit, music edit, other uses in arts, entertainment, and media edit, dance slot, an imaginary narrow rectangle along which a follower moves back and forth with respect to the leader.Slot into umg a) jemanden unterbringen in ( dat ), b) jemanden, etwas unterbringen oder einbauen in ( dat ) C v/i slot into umg hineinpassen in ( akk ), sich einfügen in ( akk ) (beide.Margareta Slots (died 1669 Dutch-born mistress of Gustav II Adolf of Sweden.We add new slots in this list every month so make sure you are updated.slot1 slt; US slt A.) : ( in schedule termin, der; (Radio, Telev.
Tech schlitzen, nuten.From comment gagner sur freebitcon Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to navigation, jump to search.A) Schlitz m, Einwurf m (eines Automaten etc ), Spalt m, Spalte f b) umg slot machine.Transitive verb, -tt- slot something into place/something etwas einfügen/in etwas ( Akk.Try free EGT casino slots just for fun or learn the game.