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Definition poker nit

definition poker nit

The only thing a sushi geant casino niort nit can do is try to value bet a little thinner and stop relinquishing equity everytime they face a raise.
But this happened many times over the next few months, and even though the nit won a few of these pots, the nits brain focused on the negative outcomes and created a new rule: So the obvious adjustment was that the nit was going.
Maybe roue de fortune code internet loto quebec thats true, but more often than not its actually quite false.So if you only open a range of 22/AJ/KQ from middle position, that is a 10 range.TAG Tight Aggressive, lAG Loose Aggressive, nit.And would you rather play against someone who folds a ton that you can steamroll over?I cannot stress that last point enough.But lets zoom out a bit.Because a nit has such a tight preflop range there is no wiggle-room postflop for bluffing at a much different frequency.
(This might involve stealing a lot preflop in Holdem for example).
But in a game with any decent players you cannot just nit it up and hide.Most players hate nits because they do nothing but fill a seat that could otherwise be filled by a fish.Nits are usually successful at micro stakes as this playing style requires high concentration and cool hand - thats what the beginners lack.Nits usually make bets only with nuts.And I can already hear some nits saying well, if we never fold an non-nut hand, wont we become really spewy?(Submitted by, twoGun ) « Nickel.The more information we have, the better decisions we can make.Take a common situation where a nit considers folding.