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Can ddr3 ram fit in ddr2 slot

can ddr3 ram fit in ddr2 slot

The processor would then access the two simms in parallel.
With the advent of blade servers, angled slots have once again become common in order to accommodate LP form factor dimms in these space-constrained boxes."IDF: "DDR3 won't catch up with DDR"."DDR3 sdram standard (revision E (PDF).However, it cannot use common DDR type ram and does not have much support other than Asus.ECC modules usually carry a multiple of 9 instead of a multiple of 8 chips.Also, each module has eight RAM chips, but the lower one has an unoccupied space for the ninth chip.DDR3 sdram memory might be referred to by the effective memory speed of the memory chips on the module (the memory clock speed x4 or the I/O bus clock speed x2 for example, DDR3-1333 (333MHz memory clock x4 or 666MHz I/O bus clock x2)1333MHz).The DDR3L standard.35 V and has the label PC3L for its modules.This pair need not be the same size as the first pair.A key notchlocated differently in DDR2 and DDR3 dimmsprevents accidentally interchanging them.
Memory refreshing is common to other types of RAM and is basically the act of reading information from a specific area of memory and immediately rewriting that information back to the same area without modifying.
PC2- indicates the module uses DDR2 memory; PC- indicates the module uses DDR memory.
Whether it will still be able to replace DDR2 or just get superseded by another standard is still under debate.Kingston HyperX Fury Black The Most Affordable DDR4 Ram As one of the oldest memory manufacturers on the market, Kingston has developed a series of well-known products.Typical latency values for mainstream DDR2 memory are CL5 and CL6, compared to CL2.5 and CL3 for DDR memory."When is lpddr3 not lpddr3?Latency is a measure of how long it takes to receive information from memory; the higher the number, the greater the latency.3 :109 Another benefit is its prefetch buffer, which is 8-burst-deep.ECC vs non-ECC Memory For critical applications, network servers have long used a special type of memory called error-correcting code (ECC).Connectors are no longer visible when module is fully inserted.Some people estimate that they will directly switch to a new computer.CAS latency (ns) 1000 CL (cycles) clock frequency (MHz) 2000 CL (cycles) transfer rate (MT/s) While the typical latencies for a jedec recherche le resultat du loto DDR2-800 device were (12.5 ns some standard latencies for jedec DDR3 devices include for DDR3-1066 (13.125 ns) and for DDR3-1333 (12 ns).Citation needed Some manufacturers further propose using "dual-gate" transistors to reduce leakage of current.