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Buy a pig in a poke meaning in hindi

Origin, the phrase is prizee jackpot mamans quite an ancient one and has been used in the literal sense.
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Most Europeans know this English word.If you don't get a good look at the engine of a used car before you buy it, you'll wind up buying a pig in a poke.(RHD The Random House Dictionary of the English Language, The unabridged edition, New York, 1970).Its meaning is known to most children of preschool age.But if the cat struggled too much to get out and forced bols poke sushi shop the fraudster to release the cat his secret was exposed; hence he let the cat out of the bag.About 96 of English native speakers know the meaning and use the word.To buy something without inspecting it thoroughly, often with negative consequences.
Pig in a poke, meaning something that is bought without examining properly an offer or deal that is accepted without properly evaluating it first buying something without looking.Written citations of the phrase have been found since the mid 1500s.The idiom implies that if a a pig is bought when it is in a poke, or bag, the customer might be cheated.The phrase never buy a pig in a poke caisse a outil sur roulette leroy merlin is linked to another phrase he let the cat out of the bag which means to give away a secret.See also: buy, pig, poke buy a pig in a poke.I dont want to end up having got a pig in a poke.A poke was a name for a bag or sack in the 18th century.When the buyer wanted to see the pig he was told that it too active and might escape.I just took the salesman's word that this camera worked.UK IPA bahy ey pig in ey pohk /ba e pg n e pok/ /ba p n pk uS Pronunciation, uS IPA bahy ey pig in ey pohk /ba e pg n e pok/.