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Bird spam pokemon

bird spam pokemon

After taking down Tapu Fini and/or any ghosts, HJK becomes a huge threat.
This also damages the user quite a lot.
Landorus-Therian @ Flyinium Z, ability: Intimidate.Adamant Nature - Fly - Earthquake - Rock Polish - Swords Dance Lando is the first major change to adjust to the SM meta.Other languages, english, brave Bird, japanese (Brave Bird).Privacy Policy All content gagnant jeu concours the voice design Pokémon Database.The user also takes serious damage.Intro: Howdy ho yall, its Big Bug Bag Nig Nug Nag, here with a new Hyper Offense SM OU team.Time: 10 minutes, materials:.7 mechanical pencil.And now, behold, BirdSpam.0: The Team: Azelf @ Focus Sash, ability: Levitate.Second, scarfed Pheromosa now replaces scarfed excadrill, still maintaining crucial harzard removal while also serving as reliable revenge killer and late game sweeper.Definitely put a dent in it while it tries to set up and try to keep pheromosa alive to finish it off.Skarmory / Celesteela : Not really a threat, but the defensive versions can be annoying to deal with.
Move data, type, flying, category, physical, power 120.
Quick attack is preferred for the extra damage, but Feint can be used to help chip away at Greninja before going down.
And that happens to be pokemon.Lando, Dragonite and Salamence are now all capable of forming a Bird Spam offensive keno secret du jeux core with Mega Pinsir or Staraptor.EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe.hides in bomb shelter* 10 pure minutes of fun right here.In other words, if the attack does 90 HP damage to the opponent, the user will lose.

If not, I make sure to keep manaphy alive so that I can tank a hit and cripple it with energy ball.