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Best in slot shaman heal

CH(R2) costs 52 mana more and can hit for 100 more than.
Those addons are: Bartender2 BigWigs or DBM Classic SnowfallKeyPress CooldownCount Decursive EnemyCastingBar (ECB) KLH Threat Meter Qlique or Mouseover Macros You can, of course, download more addons as you see fit but I believe these cover the basics of what is required of healers.However, you should still only use this heal when raid density renders CH less effective or when a player is taking quick, spike damage and needs dire healing.Consumables: Hands down, the most important preemptive measure to raiding a Resto Shaman can take: consumables.The key is to continue to use your mana consumables off CD in order to keep your mana up at as high a level as possible throughout every encounter.If you chose to go for healing over MP5, you will use lower rank spells more often.It is important to avoid picking up Spirit as much as possible in the early stages of the game as you will lose a considerable amount of item budget to this significantly jeux de casino gratuit sans telecharger less valuable stat.Additive pro: Engineering is dually viable for PvP.Exception when needing Tremor or Earthbind.Then, once the melee are taken care of, you can assist with the rest of the raid.SV cold: 10 SV poison:.Stats beneficial to the Resto Shaman are: Intellect, MP5, Healing Power, Spell Crit, Stamina and Spirit -often in that order.
You can amaze your friends with well timed grenades and irritate some of the big bad duelers outside your capital city.
If you keep that directed at your tank all the time you will be able to see whether or not the Ancestral Healing or Inspiration (the Priest AH equiv) is active.White: Signifies movement and utility keys.An additional benefit to this spec is securing the last point in Healing Grace, aiding on trash healing as well as encounters with multiple adds -prevalent especially in Naxxramas.Only you can know what is right for you but consider placing your unit frames in the lower middle section of your screen.Fishing and Cooking are no-brainers.You have been warned!

SV fire: 10 SV cold: 10 SV magic:.